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Kearns is tall (well over six feet) with an athletic body type and a boyishly handsome, fine featured face. He has stylishly long blonde hair and eyes the color of charcoal dust and a small thin mustache the same color as his hair.


A strange and difficult man, Jack Kearns appears in Will Henry’s journals in answer to an urgent summons by Dr. Warthrop after Anthropophagi are discovered in New Jerusalem.

Extremely witty and irreverent, well-traveled and well-read, and keenly interested in the subjects of morality and monster-hunting, though not necessarily in that order. There seems to be nothing he will not do to destroy the pod of man-eaters, no law that he won’t break, no ethical dilemmas he will consider. In many ways, he is the dark mirror image of Will Henry’s master, Pellinore Warthrop, his personality, ironically, closer to that of the beasts he hunts than the people he hunts with. As he confesses, “In many ways, I admire [the Anthropophagi].”

He also seems to love upsetting Dr Warthrop and has on more than one occasion egged the doctor into almost inflicting physical harm upon the blonde. In one case Warthrop actually slaps him, which doesn't seem to upset Kearns in any noticeable way.




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Will Henry ends up killing Jack Kearns in the book "The Isle of Blood" in order to save the doctor and himself from Kearns.

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John Kearns and Dr. Warthrop knew each other for many years, and he regards himself as Warthrop's "spiritual twin and polar opposite" in The Isle of Blood. Though Warthrop does not approve of Kearns, he trusts him to a certain extent and sometimes calls upon his aid.

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By the end of the third journal, Will Henry makes a startling admission that this same Jack Kearns is a real person from history, a horrific murderer who is remembered as perhaps the most famous serial killer ever--Jack the Ripper.

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Jack the Ripper also known as the "Whitechapel Murderer" or "Leather Apron". He reined terror in impoverished areas near and around Whitechapel, London during the 1880's. He's famously known as one of the first recognized serial killers in history. The Ripper typically picked prostitutes from brothels and lured them away. He would then stab them repeatedly before mutilating their bodies, some of his victims were so mutilated they were unrecognizable. The Ripper was never caught and a main suspect was never agreed upon.

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