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Malachi was the lone survivor of the Anthropophage attack on the Stinnet family in 1888.

Malachi Stinnet


Approximately 1872 or 1873




No information


The Monstrumologist[]

In 1888, the Anthropophage attacked the Stinnet family in their home while they were sleeping. Malachi, in the bedroom he shared with his sister Elizabeth, was paralyzed with fear, while Elizabeth passed out.


Malachi is a young teenage boy, around 15 or 16 years old. He has dark hair and large, bright blue eyes. He is rather tall for a boy his age and has a narrow face.




Not much is known about Malachi and his family before they get killed, but you can tell by his anguish from their death that he was heart broken by their death. He is haunted by the fact that he couldn't save any of them and his mind is set on avenging his family. Which he succeeds at doing by giving his own life to kill the alpha Anthropophage.

Will Henry[]

Will Henry and Malachi had a special bond due to them losing their parents in a fairly gruesome matter. Will Henry is able to empathize with Malachi and understands his frustration and anguish at not being able to save his family. In the end Malachi saves Will Henry by detonating himself and the alpha Anthropophage and ultimately avenging his parents.

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