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Allghoi Khorkhoi or more commonly known as the Mongolian Death Worm


The death worm is usually bright red and one foot in width. The length of the worm can range from a foot to five feet and it has been described as looking like a cow intestine. When the death worm is opened up its insides have been described as looking like a regular earth worms.


The Death Worm is a particularly dangerous monster. As an adult it has venom that causes hallucinations, paranoia, delusional thinking, burning while peeing, hair loss, kidney failure, lungs filling with fluid, and many other deadly symptoms. Not only can it spit venom but an adult can also send a electric shock wave that will kill anyone near instantly.


The worms live in the Gobi Desert and are rarely seen due to the fact that they only come out after it rains.


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