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Name: Wendigo




The Wendigo has the ability to fly and is said to have a heart of ice. The only way it is able to reproduce is by taking humans and making them go through an unknown/cannibalistic process which eventually leads to a new Wendigo.


They make their nest in cold, dark, and damp places such as caves or abandoned mine shafts. These caves are usually where they take their latest victims and feast upon them for at least five days before moving on to another. They also take on forests of the Great Lakes and live near their king in Kenora, Ontario.


The myth of the Wendigo is especially gruesome. Legend says that the Wendigo is cursed with an unsatisfiable hunger and the more it eats the more hungry it becomes. Due to this hunger it's constantly in a crazed state, searching for new food such as lost campers. Some Cryptologists say that it's able to pass between time and space in order to find new sources of prey.


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